Monday, 26 October 2015


This is Iain Coates. 


Iain Coates was the blacklisting main contact of the Consulting Association for Emcor Drake & Scull and is now the Chairman of Rochdale Rugby Union Football Club.

Coates had also previously worked for another Consulting Association member company, Balfour Beatty subsidiary, Haden Young prior to joining Emcor Drake & Scull.

The most interesting fact about Coates is that he was also a Director of a recruitment agency called Diamond Construction & Engineering Recruitment Ltd based in Wickford, Essex from June 2006 to October 2010.

Gillian Hone (mentioned in the previous post as being at the heart of the selection process of singling out trade union activists on the Jubilee Line Extension project) also (according to her Linkedin profile) worked at a similarly named company in Wickford, Essex called Diamond Mechanical & Electrical Services Limited from April 2007 to July 2009.

Ian Kerr also named a company called Diamond M & E Services as a member company of the Consulting Association in his evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee in 2012.

A simple companies house check reveals that there has been no such company named either, Diamond Mechanical & Electrical Services Limited or Diamond M & E Services registered in the UK, which strongly suggests that the 'Diamond M & E Services' Consulting Association member company named by Ian Kerr was in fact the recruitment agency Diamond Construction & Engineering Recruitment Ltd, based in Wickford, at which both Coates and Gillian Hone worked at from around 2006 to 2010.

Diamond Construction & Engineering Recruitment Limited was previously called Diamond Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services Ltd (name changed in January 2011).

The Consulting Association invoiced a Diamond M&E Engineering Services at 575 Bury Road, Rochdale, OL11 4DQ. An electoral roll search has Iain R Coates at this address. 

Iain R Coates. Serial blacklister at Haden Young, Emcor Drake & Scull and Diamond (whatever they're calling themselves these days).



This is Gillian Hone.

Around 1999/2000, all the Drake & Scull supervisors on the Jubilee Line Extension project were brought together to identify the main instigators of the strike action. I learned this from Tony Willoughby (a Drake & Scull supervisor on the project) in 2006, who explained the process to me and the forms they were asked to fill in. Tony named Gillian Hone as the person administrating this process for Drake & Scull, but I've never been able to locate her until now.

Gillian would therefore most certainly have been involved in the process that singled out those operatives from the Jubilee Line Extension lists (exchanged with Balfour Kilpatrick) that made it onto the Consulting Association database. 

She stayed with Drake & Scull until 2007, but then moved to another Consulting Association member, Diamond M&E Services, and then another, SPIE Matthew Hall until 2009. Thirteen consecutive years at Consulting Association member companies.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


The vast majority of recruitment these days appears to be conducted via recruitment agencies, which in effect provides a legal wall of protection for those who use them.

So how would the recruitment agencies gain information on blacklisted workers? 

If you study my posts on Michael Shakespeare's application to work for Haden Young (Balfour Beatty Engineering Services) back in 2005, you'll see the Consulting Association (CA) checking procedure in the business.

However, information had to be fed back to the agencies in the instances where a certain worker was rejected following a CA check, either prior to engagement or when a worker had already commenced work on site and then had to be removed following a CA check. The CA member companies had to notify the respective agency of such.
It would therefore not take long for the agencies to see a pattern of rejections from the member companies on certain blacklisted workers, which could provide the source for their own lists.

This contention is supported by this statement from an ex employee of NRL from 2010, who explains the process the consultants in the business had to follow and the information held on three blacklisted workers, Steve Acheson, Graham Bowker and Tony Jones.

On a technical point, the phasing out of a system does not mean a phasing out of the data. It just means that the software to access the data was being updated.