Tuesday, 12 May 2015

2015 Election

So there goes the 'full inquiry', whatever that may have been under a Labour Government. Labour did nothing for the blacklisted workers when they were in power, so why would anything have changed if they had won last week.

Don't get me wrong. I voted for Labour in my Delyn constituency, but this was a massive defeat and one that demonstrated that too many deluded senior trade union officials and senior Labour party officials (stuck somewhere in the 1970's) where absolutely WAY OFF.

Good riddance also to the Scottish Affairs Committee. They wasted a fantastic opportunity to make great progress for those affected, but failed miserably sucking up to the demands of Unite in calling irrelevant witnesses such as Peter Cheese from the CIPD. Gail Cartmail was afforded three different sessions, wasting valuable committee time talking none sense about Crossrail, when the committee could have reeled in important witnesses like the awful Liz Keates or lying Richard Howson from Carillion.

May 2015

Ian Davidson - Gone
Graeme Morrice - Gone
Pamela Nash - Gone
Jim McGovern - Gone
Lindsay Roy - Gone

Even the Tories, Simon Reevell and Jim Paice - Gone
Alan Reid - Gone

All of the Labour MP's on this committee were a complete waste of time, using the time to push their left wing agenda's.

So what now?

Well the first thing Labour have to do is come clean and out all those in the trade unions and the party who had all the evidence of blacklisting back in 2005/2006 and buried this to protect their financial relationships with big business. 

They also need to out all the bent union officials involved, including Gail Cartmail and Len McCloskey at Unite who have condoned this (and the cover up back in 2005/2006) for far too long.

Failing that they can spend decades in the shadows of a Tory Government who will never do anything to help get to the truth of what really went on here and more importantly, help those who have suffered such an injustice to get the proper and just moral and financial compensation for what they have endured.