Monday, 28 September 2015


Ian Kerr denied any knowledge of a computerised database in his evidence to the select committee in December 2012, inferring that I had not been truthful in my evidence about seeing sight of such when we met in 1997.

However, Mary Kerr gives away the truth in her interview with Radio 4 in 2013 (at 3:30) spelling out exactly how the service worked. 


"On a day to day basis, any possible employees, their details were sent through by the HR managers or directors of construction companies and they were faxed through to the Consulting Association office where their names were checked against a database of 3213 names".

"If there was an occasion where one name was known and there was information held about that one person, then we would find the card with the information which was more detailed and Ian would speak to the HR director or manager....".

This process clearly confirms that a computerised database check did take place at the Consulting Association and it was only if a name was flagged up from that check, that they would then consult the card index system for a more detailed record.

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