Saturday, 6 December 2014


My blacklisting campaign is over after nine thankless years. The Select Committee have not sat on this since early July 2014 and appear to have lost interest. I can therefore see no logical reason to continue working on this.

The compensation scheme also appears to be the end of this for many of the 3213 and I'd like to briefly explain why. When a settlement is offered and refused and a claimant then continues with their legal action, they could be at risk of the other sides costs.

The claimants in this action appear to be protected by the no win no fee element, so the legal firms and trade unions bringing these claims appear to take the risk. That risk however is going to increase enormously as this progresses and we have already seen claimants being released from the current High Court claims.

I'm pretty sure the claims will stand should they progress to a full trial, but the subsequent problem at a costs hearing will be the efforts the claimants made to mitigate their losses. I have previously published a separate post on my concerns about this here:

My claim from the scheme is now complete and the entire process takes about two months as the scheme administrators have to write to the ICO for the files. The ICO process these requests once a month.

If you do decide to enter the scheme you will get £250 for legal advice. The scheme administrators provide you with details of two law firms, but I would strongly recommend you use Mark Lampkin, who is the principle solicitor at Lampkin and Co.

Mark is a personal friend and has a great understanding of the blacklisting issues, helping me personally with my campaign over the last few years. I have posted a link to his website here:


It would appear that this is my very last post on this matter and I sincerely hope that my efforts and the sacrifices I've made have helped some of you.