Saturday, 29 November 2014


By far the most accurate piece of journalism reporting on this to date:



Monday, 10 November 2014


Did Drake & Scull (Emcor plc) distribute the (Sheila Knight and Michael Aird) lists from the Jubilee Line Extention, Royal Opera House and Pfizer projects to those attending the 'Major Projects Association' Jubilee Line Extension seminar in November 2000?

This takes place three months after those lists are exchanged between Balfour Beatty Engineering Services and Drake & Scull (Emcor) and distributed to the Drake & Scull (Emcor) labour managers. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Sir Peter Mason

Mason has served as a Director of at least three Consulting Association members (Amec, Balfour Beatty and SPIE) and was also appointed to the Olympic Delivery Authority in 2006. Mason is currently on the board of directors at Subsea 7, where he has served in different roles since 2006.


Kevin Gorman

Kevin Gormans' involvement in the blacklisting is well documented, but one noticeable omission from his Linkedin profile is his recent spell as HR Director at Subsea 7.

This is highlighted in Harkands' announcement on his appointment as Vice President of HR last year in which they wrote:

"Gorman brings with him a wealth of experience across the construction, engineering and oil and gas industries both within the UK and internationally. Most recently HR Director at Subsea 7 where he oversaw the merger with Acergy"


This puts Gorman and Mason together at Subsea 7 at the same time.

Lord Geoffrey Howe

Mason joins the board of Balfour Beatty PLC on 1 Jan 1993 (after working for them since 1975) following no other than Lord Geoffrey Howe who joined in April 1992. Balfour Beatty plc is Lord Howe's only business directorship following his retirement from politics and he leaves the company on 30 April 1997 (the day before the general election).

The following people also join Howe on the board at Balfour Beatty plc on the exact same day in April 1992. Sir Robert James Davidson, Sir Robin Adair Biggam, Eric Clark, Sir Peter Leahy Bonfield, Harry C Schell and HRH The Duke of Kent.

The Major Projects Association

Mason becomes the Director and Chief Executive of a company called the Major Projects Association in July 1992. Andrew McNaughton (recently retired/sacked/whatever they want to call it by Balfours) joins this company as a Director from Nov 2007 to Dec 2010. This is currently headed up by Princess Anne's husband, Sir Tim Laurence.

1-4 employees and over half a million in the bank.

Jubilee Line Extension & Newbury Bypass

The Major Projects Association hold around 5-10 confidential seminars a year for their paying members. Two of these in 2000 were the subject of the Jubilee Line Extension (Nov 2000) and the Newbury Bypass (March 2000). Summary reports are available which refer to industrial relations problems and the solutions devised and implemented. The full reports are only available to the membership.



These summary reports are self explanatory and detail:

"care has been taken to ensure that its contents do not breach confidentiality. This account cannot, therefore, do full justice to the event"

What is clear is that the participants of these events included major construction companies (Balfour Beatty, Costain, Laing, etc), representatives from the police, private detective agencies, lawyers and Government departments (Treasury Solicitors, Ministry of Defence, Defence Procurement Agency).