Friday, 11 April 2014


The compensation scheme is about to be launched and if reports in the press are correct, without the involvement of the trade unions.

This is a positive move forward for the many blacklisted workers who are not privileged to be part of the Guney Clark Ryan and GMB High Court claims, which amount to approximately 200 of the 3,200 blacklisted workers. 

This has gone on for far too long now and in my view, people should be allowed to accept £3,000 or whatever amount they are offered if they see fit and have no other solid offer of legitimate legal representation.

All blacklisted workers will soon receive details of the scheme and as such, I've held discussions with a reputable firm of solicitors with a view to processing these claims on behalf of workers who, like me, have absolutely no desire to be represented by certain trade unions.

I will post details on here as and when they become available.