Wednesday, 20 November 2013


So David Cameron has launched an inquiry into the trade unions and the blacklisting. This is long overdue.

I don't need to go over old ground, as everything they need to know about Unite covering up the blacklisting back in 2005/2006 to protect their financial arrangements with the construction companies is detailed on this website.

There is more to come following a recent SAR data protection act  request by me to Unite.

One thing that has stood out to me is the appointment of Bruce Carr QC to head up this inquiry.

Carr is from Devereux Chambers, who also house ex 'Director of Legal Services' at Unite, Georgina Hirsch as a Barrister.


I'll save what I have linking Hirsch to Derek Simpson for the inquiry, but have raised the point about a possible conflict of interests to the Chambers and the powers that be.

All may be fine with this business relationship between the two barristers, but I'm just throwing this out there as it would be a pity if this inquiry was delayed any further by a legal technicality.

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