Thursday, 22 August 2013

BENT UNION OFFICIALS? (4) - (Updated 31/08/13)

The day after I gave evidence to the select committee I had a chance conversation with a person on Facebook who had not only worked for the union (Amicus/Unite), but had also worked for the Electrical Contractors Association and is currently a senior labour manager with one of the major construction companies.

This person is watching my evidence to the select committee on the iplayer as we exchange messages.

He's given me permission to use this information providing I redact his personal details, as he too fears repercussions for himself and his family if he's found to be providing this information.

I've therefore redacted his identity and highlighted his comments for clarity.

Tom Hardacre - Unite National Officer

Or "Spark's Nemesis" as he refers to him in this conversation.

In pages 1 and 2 below he talks about Tom Hardacre providing information to labour managers on certain workers and says "By the way, Tom Hardacre was the worst for blacklist activity!"

He explains the strategy used by Hardacre to highlight certain workers and goes on to say that the union are currently "the only people hell bent on telling us who we should or shouldn't employ".

Tom Hardacre retired in 2011, but is this the first hard evidence of modern day blacklisting following the closure of the Consulting Association in 2009?



Micky Tuff

In pages 6 to 8 below he talks about Micky Tuff and their conversations about Micky being instructed to cover up my blacklisting evidence. He says they were "good pals" and that he was breaking Micky's confidence in telling me this.




This evidence was submitted to the select committee clerk and Chuka Umunna on 15 March 2013.

The select committee have Gail Cartmail giving evidence for two hours on 2 July 2013, but not a single question about the union's complicity in all this from those attending the session that day.

Ian Davidson - Labour
Lindsay Roy - Labour
Jim McGovern - Labour
Graeme Morrice - Labour (also declaring himself a Unite member)
Alan Reid - Lib Dem

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