Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I have been trying to engage with senior officials from within the Conservative party for over four years now and they are simply not interested. Most of my communication has been through Stephen Mosley, MP for Chester and I have detailed my latest correspondence to him below. Links to the relevant correspondence are at the foot of the post:

Dear Stephen

As you're aware, I have been writing to you in respect of this matter for well over a year. This correspondence included the failings by the Labour party to deal with this whilst in power and the cover up by one of the main trade unions from as far back as 2005 who fund the party. You have kindly forwarded this on and I have received the responses from Jo Swinson and Norman Lamb, for what they are worth.

I first raised the issue of the trade union cover up with your party via Mark Prisk's office in 2009. I had an in depth telephone conversation with his personal assistant but heard nothing further back from this.

Jo Swinson's letter refers to the select committee and that she is waiting for their report. It should be noted that only two Conservatives MP's have only partially attended two of the twelve select committee sessions which is a disgrace and not one single Conservative MP has signed up to Steve Rotheram's Early Day Motion 609, which is also a disgrace.

The lives of thousands of UK construction workers have been severely affected by the Blacklisting but your party and the current Government appear to be totally disinterested in the matter. This in spite of being in possession of categorical evidence that implicates the companies and your main political opposition.

I simply cannot understand why your party and this Government appear to have so little interest in this matter (if any) and can only think that maybe they too are implicated in some way. I cannot think of any other reason why they would simply do nothing for so long.

You may or may not be aware that the BBC are producing a Panorama on the Blacklisting and it has been suggested to me that some of the Conservative Party's funding comes from with the Construction Industry, which is why the party have done nothing to correct this injustice. A trusted senior union official only last week alerted me to the fact that Carillion were wining and dining senior officials from within your party very recently. Carillion have not yet been called to give evidence to the select committee despite me providing categorical evidence that many of their senior managers and a main board Director were involved in this. Their Chief Executive, Richard Howson appears very confident that they will not be implicated as he had a letter published in the Guardian stating that no Carillion manager was involved in this (blaming a Carillion subsidiary) weeks after I had named and shamed them all in my evidence to the select committee last November.

If this is the reason (the funding from within the Construction Industry) for the total disinterest and lack of any action by the Conservative Party and the Government then that would be a greater tragedy than the failings of the last Government and the trade union that funds it, as much more evidence has come to light during your term.

Surely enough is enough, and I put it to you that it's about time your party and the Government stopped piddling about with this matter and took some very proactive action to ensure justice is prevailed for the thousands of workers who have suffered at the hands of these companies!

I am therefore asking you again to press the Business Secretary for a public inquiry and for you to encourage your Conservative colleagues to get behind this and sign up to Steve Rotheram's Early Day Motion 609. Can you please proactively get on this, rather than simply bouncing back carefully worded statements from Government Ministers who appear to have very little interest in correcting this injustice?

Best regards,

Alan Wainwright


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