Friday, 15 February 2013


Were Ian and Mary Kerr blacklisting innocent people themselves by collating and distributing data to the member companies?

In evidence to the Select Committee, Ian Kerr stated that he created mailshots to the member companies. We learned yesterday from his wife, Mary that Kerr spent three days burning evidence after the ICO raid in 2009. She also said yesterday that Kerr spent the last two weeks of his life correcting his evidence and it was the stress of this that killed him.

Both Ian Kerr and his wife have also stated on record that the member companies of the Consulting Association were the single primary source of all the information on the Blacklist files, which was identified with a company code and the initials of the HR Manager or Director providing the information.

But this cannot be true!

A Consulting Association Blacklist file on me was recovered by David Clancy at the ICO in the raid in 2009 and I've provided links to the five pages contained in this below. The file details information about me giving evidence at a Tribunal (which was successful for the Claimants) and has two press cuttings. The first page has been typed out, presumably by Mrs Kerr.

In the absence of any Construction company code or HR source initials, I can only presume that this file was created and distributed to the member companies by Mr and Mrs Kerr in the mailshots they refer to.

If that's not Blacklisting, I don't know what is...

Here is the information from my Consulting Association Blacklist file:

Alan Wainwright CA Blacklist File (1-2) 

Alan Wainwright CA Blacklist File (3-4) 

Alan Wainwright CA Blacklist File (5)

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